Open to the Goddess Retreats and Workshops

goddess1Discover your divine feminine. Your wild woman. Your feminine mystery.

 Anna Ziman faciliates Goddess retreats and workshops with their own individual alchemy . . .

Let your wild wench dance,
   let your siren sing;
       let go, merge with the mystery
           of the ancient feminine

Barriers dissolve as each perfect mix of women come to contemplate the Divine Feminine.
Working at a deep level with this energy is life changing.

The Goddess opens Her ears to you, folds you in Her heart’s cloth, spreads Her fragrant petals beneath your feet.

If you can be stillness, if you can embrace truth, this is a place where you might hear the silver peals of Her laughter and feel Her devastating blade cut away that which no longer serves you.

Anna Ziman holds these retreats because she believes in the wonder of women and the power of the Goddess calling us back to our sweetest selves.

So that every woman has sufficient space and time for her own individual healing ritual, Anna limits the number of women on the retreats to 13, so please reserve your space as early as possible.