What to expect on the Goddess Retreats

Goddess Retreat Ireland 2014

Goddess Retreat Ireland 2014

Your Goddess Archetype will come to you, perhaps in a guise which might surprise you.

Banbha, Gaia

Banbha, Gaia. Illustration by Caroline Probyn

Together we will weave a magic circle of absolute safety, we will play, laugh and we will be silent; we will cry golden tears, each of which will be a blessing.

We will learn and we will also be humbled.

Each day will be a full year, each hour pass in a second. What you take home shall be a blossom for your heart.

As WOMEN we spend so much money and time on our outer shell and so little on ripening our feminine soul.

TIME to invest in your inner gorgeousness; to sew some kernels of silver and gold into your soul tapestry.

This is your PATHWAY because you’re reading these words.

Don’t turn away from finding the spark of Aphrodite, the wild fire of Durga, or the deep beauty of the many ancient and forgotten Goddesses who live in the bones of our memories.

RELISH your uniqueness as a woman, re-kindle your essence and dance with Her who dwells in each droplet of dew, who waves in the laughter of the grasses, and glimmers in the sheen of ancient stones.