Women on the Irish Retreat 2014

Women on the Irish Retreat 2014


What Women Say…

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Listen to this testimonial from Christine in Ireland 2014

I came to find the magic and found the magic was in me. Afterwards, women I met where hungry for the look I had in my eyes.” Nnenna S

“This quest into the pristine shores of the Goddess wove golden strands about my heart, when I walked those ancient beaches I found my footprints already there.

I had forgotton my own beauty, sorrow and joy. It was a privilege to be amongst women who fearfully or bravely dropped their worldly masks and allowed themselves to become radiant.

Anna with her gentle yet blazing perception found a way to communicate and empower all of us individually, there was enough time for all… Unforgettable.” Debbie S.

“The islands of agony within my psyche were prized open and healing balm came from a place of empathic understanding.

This was something far beyond ubiquitous counselling, it was a chance to heal at a far deeper level than I have known before.I am bowled over by the magic of it all.” Simone 


“I shifted more in three days than in three years of therapy.” Jane D

“It transformed me to truly own my womanhood, heal childhood hurt, and be a powerful woman.

I haven’t come across facilitation so trusting and empowering for the participants in any workshop before.

Truly stunning and lovingly held.” Akiko O

“It was one of the most amazing and transformative  experiences  of my life. I met some truly wonderful people and would recommend it to anyone seeking to connect with their own truth. Months of psychotherapy barely scratched the surface -this went straight to the core.” Chrissie

“Thank you for seeing the Goddess in me and for pioneering such an amazing process.” Jane G


“What Anna provides is a spring board to magic. Pure, simple magic. It just pours in.

The workshop set me on a forgotten path that showed me truths that were hidden long ago.

I felt contact with women of my ancestral past, honoured them and waved goodbye to them to be free again in the hills of Wales.

The gifts are a thousand fold.” Jemma C

“Anna powerfully creates something between a ritual and a performance space.

I discovered the difference between presenting myself and really being myself. I’ve done many other workshops, but with Anna, I experienced a different level of leaping.” Cathy G

“Magical realism meets all your birthdays come at once. I floated back to London as if I’d been to the most incredible rave.”  Stephanie T