April 28- May 2nd retreat Holy Isle, Scotland and June 23- 26th retreat Ireland

Beltane – April 28th- May 2nd (bank holiday) 2017

Retreat on Holy Isle, off west coast of Scotland

Holy Isle, off Arron on the West Coast of Scotland, has a long spiritual heritage stretching back many centuries. Its old Gaelic name was Inis Shroin, meaning Island of the Water Spirit and tales are told of kelpies and selkies, shapeshifting Scotish deities, off its shores. It has an ancient healing spring and the cave where the Celtic hermit monk, St Molaise dwelt in the 6th century. and purportedly performed healing miracles. It was a place of prilgrimage-there are also Viking rune markings and evidence of a 13th century Christian monastery.

Today, it is owned by the Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhists; on its hillsides wild horses, goats and sheep graze freely, whilst the garden of the Retreat Centre for World Peace is a place of beauty, and deep tranquility, where food for the delicious vegetarian meals is grown

This island has a very special magic -a wild and sacred energy- yet it  is a place of deep peace and healing.

It is the perfect  place to conjure the Goddess; a unique opportunity to be immersed in the ancient power of the sacred feminine, to delight in the laughter of women and to be seen and honoured for who you truly are.

Working with Goddess archetypes from all cultures and traditions, we gather in sacred circle to conjure the ancient faces of the feminine.

Through the timeless wisdom, beauty and magic encountered in nature and ourselves, you will be transformed.

May 1st is traditionally the Celtic festival of Beltane- a time of union revering the fertility of the land, and the fecundity of life.

As your ancestors did, you too can be part of a profound ceremony at the Holy Island Spring and be cleansed and restored around a sacred Beltane fire.

You  will emerge from this mystical journey revived and rejuvenated, with a fresh perspective and renewed energy for life.

The retreat begins at 4pm on Friday and culminates in a powerful ritual on May Day evening, the retreat ends on Tuesday morning, in good time for ferries to the mainland. .

:Cost: Course Fee: £235 plus £220 Single Room, £160 Twin each, £128 Dorm (all delicious vegetarian meals included).

Please note:

Places are limited to 9 women, so to reserve your place on this unique retreat please email :

bookings@goddessworkshop.co.uk with your details and pay the course fee of £235 by bank transfer (details on booking) or by paypal to bookings@goddessworkshop.co.uk.

The course fee includes rent for use of the course rooms, but not your accommodation/meal fee (see rates above)which is booked directly with Holy Isle and payable upon arrival.

June 23- 26th  2017
Retreat at Mucklagh Lodge, Wicklow mountains, Ireland.

july irish retreat mucklag garden

The July Irish retreat is being held at Mucklag Lodge

For the 5th consecutive summer, we are returning to the lovely Mucklagh Lodge. Just over an hour and a half from Dublin, this purpose built  retreat centre is secluded deep in woodlands untouched by time, where the magic is palpable.

A place to conjure the Goddess and be enfolded in a healing haven of ancient  remembrance 

The retreat begins at 4pm on Friday and ends Monday morning.

Earlybird price is £365 / 430 Euros if paid in full by May 25th  – therafter minimun donation £395/ 465 Euros

This buys you full retreat, accommodation in this magical place and organic,delicious and homegrown food.

The minimum donation covers our costs. Anything you give beyond that is a gift of thanks.

Initial deposit £95/ 100 Euros  (non- refundable) secures your place.
Installment arrangements possible.


Women said of previous Open to the Goddess retreats :

” Transformative- the magic that you have woven has opened a doorway into a new part of myself`

“The most powerful thing I’ve ever done in my life”

“I left glowing, radiant and looking ten years younger”

“Your generosity, far-seeing insights and capacity to hold and care is extraordinary”

“I came home feeling I had cleared the path of some of my biggest obstacles to freedom and being able to live from the truest part of my being”

These retreats are fun, magical and change lives..

Pay with secure paypal.

To discuss if these workshops are right for you or further details:

email Anna at bookings@goddessworkshop.co.uk or call  07946 635 783