About the retreats...


To be seen and honoured for who you truly are as a woman.

Free yourself from old patterns and places that no longer serve.

Open yourself to the woman you were always meant to be.

Step into your power and your truth.

 See the world revealed through fresh eyes.

Embody the energy of an ancient Goddess, allowing Her to dance through you.

Emerge revived and rejuvenated, with a renewed energy for life.


Anna has been running these profound Open to the Goddess Retreats for the last 20 years for women of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs. 

Anna works with the Goddess in Her many guises and faces, using creative ritual and story to weave an individual journey for each woman. 

The Goddess was worshiped for thousands of years across the world through many cultures and in many forms. The role of the priestess was to embody Her power and speak Her words.  This  ancient way of being is a place of deep female wisdom. On the Goddess Retreat, at the most luminous moments, women find this place and allow it to dance through them.

The Goddess takes many faces and forms.Her stories are about major forces at work, about thresholds, about an ancient remembrance of something we all have within us. Ritual is a way of our remembering this and giving back by honouring and feeding the holy Feminine.

 Anna believes passionately in women expressing their own magnificence, she enables this  channelling of something magical and beyond ourselves.  We become a vessel for it.  On the workshop, we embody and witness in ourselves and others, transcendent moments that stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Anna chooses venues based on their wild beauty. Nature and our senses play a fundamental role in the workshop and many of the women’s rituals take place in the beautiful secluded grounds outside. Lush bowers and enchanted temples are created.  

Anna is renowned for her skill and expertise in holding a safe space. No issue, no secret, no story is too daunting in this confidential space of trust, in which you can go as far as you want.  The retreat unfolds your own story within the shared stories of a small, intimate group of women. You are secure, supported to draw on women’s wisdom, to be spontaneous, unapologetic and walk in your own truth. 

A lot of women come to the workshop when they recognise that they are at a point in their lives when change needs to happen. Over the weekend, they leave behind self-consciousness, shame and disappointment. The workshop has lead them gracefully over this threshold. They step out into the world  with their eyes shining, and their hearts held high.

 No matter what your beliefs or experience, if you have a willingness to open to an experience that you won't get anywhere else, which is playful, deep and magical, then this Open to the Goddess Retreat is for you.  


 Open to the Goddess

Open to the Goddess