About Anna...


Anna is a qualified psychotherapist, teacher, actress and shamanic practitioner. 

After gaining a BA in History and English from Auckland University in New Zealand, she went travelling in Mexico and Guatamala where she discovered the power of ritual and initiation. She moved to London, where she trained as an actress  at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and went on to  work as a professional actress, drama teacher and  director for over 20 years, mostly in theatre; she still works in the industry. Between acting jobs, she developed a parallel career as a teacher, working with children, vulnerable adults and in higher education.

She was always fascinated with the moments of transcendence from the mundane, and after a spiritual crisis came an awakening recognition of the theatre  of the soul, the soul of the world and the yearning  for the feminine. She  discovered Psychology of Vision (a Jungian approach to self-development), with Chuck Spezzano which opened the doorway into new possibilities. She trained with with them for many years

Anna also studied with leading  ritualist, ceremonialist and teacher in indigenous  culture ,Martin Prechtal in UK and New Mexico, for over 15 years and also underwent various shamanic trainings with Leo Rutherford and others. She evolved her unique practice that brings together story, archetype, deep healing and ritual and  has been leading her own workshops across the world for 20 years - including in New Zealand, Ireland, Wales, Scotland. She has been a guest speaker and workshop leader at a number of holistic and spiritual gatherings and conferences - including Spirit Horse, Wildheart Gathering and  the Shamanic Conference. 

She trained as a person-centred counsellor and therapist, gaining other qualifications in NLP, CBT and in running 12-Step Programmes.  She is a member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) and continues to work with clients on a one to one and group basis. 

From this wealth of experience and a deep-rooted commitment to empowering women, she started Open Goddess Workshops almost 20 years ago.  She describes this work as all the strands coming together to be her life’s calling.   

Anna embodies the wisdom of her age, she embraces the role of the elder, with all that it entails. Her own journey through life has been one of uncovering the truth behind humanity and embracing all that her life has thrown at her, from moments of ecstatic clarity to confronting the challenges of breast cancer.  She has a calm, maternal warmth that combines with passion and a great sense of humour.  Her unusual ability to hold a safe space, her extraordinary insight into others and her ability to shift patterns on an energetic level, are what makes her work so powerful to experience. She is fearless and funny.

She is fascinated by a sense of an ancient space where women come together and share; creating an environment where real transformation takes place. She is in service to The Goddess and is committed to feeding that ancient holy unseen place from which all life springs.





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