Stephanie Theobald, Sunday Times Style Magazine,
September 5th 2010


"It was my hippie friend Pincus, a former hairstylist
for Comme des Garçons, who had told me about the goddess
workshop. “Babe,” she said. “Forty-plus women like us are at
our most potent. You can make yourself look sexy, but there
are other ways of showing your power.”
From what I could work out from Pincus, goddess
workshops are confidence-boosting weekends; feminist
jamborees with a spiritual twist. You immerse yourself in
different female archetypes, from Aphrodite to Hecate,
goddess of magic and crossroads, which enables you to
“shift stuff ”, as they say in therapy . You go back to the city
recharged and feeling that beauty might be more than some
flip, external thing.
Anna Ziman is a big name in the goddess world.
Ten years ago, the former actress, who is also a trained
counsellor, decided she’d had one too many parts in The Bill, and created a type of apotheosis therapy to cater for a
growing clientele that ranges from architects, bankers and
human-rights lawyers to designers, ex-offenders and
“We’re so busy wanting everything to be out there for us ,
we’ve lost the sense of what mystery is.” she says.
“When you let go in ritual, you let go in a huge unconscious
place in the mind.”
...It’s magical realism meets all your birthdays come at once.
I float back to London, feeling as if I’ve been to the most
incredible rave.
My other half says I look “possessed, but in a good way. ” It’s
hard to explain what I was doing all weekend, but it’s strong


Jini Reddy “Natural Health” Magazine October 2009

“ Have I ‘opened to the `Goddess’(on the retreat)? Well I’ve
certainly come away wiser. The workshop has refreshed my
belief that by confronting difficult emotions and being truthful
I can access the good feelings I crave. “I’m going to embrace
the art of fearlessness” I tell Anna.
(The workshop) has had a profound effect on the women here
today. As a previous participant put it, 'on the workshop, I
discovered the difference between presenting myself and
really being myself'. And that, if you think about it, is pretty



The Guardian, Travel, September 2010

“Women-only goddess workshops involve celebrating your
uniqueness as a woman, using ritual and creative play. Anna
Ziman says “ Is a popular form of group therapy, offering
women different ways to be- from Hecate to Aphrodite. “you
will leave with your heart held high, she promises. Courtney
Love is apparently a Fan.”


Rifa Bhunnoo, Brighton Reiki, April 2010

"Over the weekend, we cried and laughed, walked like princesses,
cackled like witches and danced as goddesses. There is something
profoundly powerful about the Goddess - the strength of women
coming together to celebrate being female, using nature, ritual,
music and other shamanic traditions to heal and to have fun. It took
about a week to come down from the festivities and I know there is
more to come."