It was one of the most amazing and transformative experiences of my life. I met some truly wonderful people and would recommend it to anyone seeking to connect with their own truth. Months of psychotherapy barely scratched the surface -this went straight to the core.
— Chrissie, UK

I came to find the magic and found the magic was in me. Afterwards, women I met were hungry for the look I had in my eyes
— Nnenna, London

Words cannot express the powerful healing and gifts of the weekend - timeless! Anna’s generosity, far-seeing insights and capacity to hold and care is extraordinary.
— Sarah, Oxford

I didn’t have to pretend to be more “new age” than I am - it was somehow a given that we were all open to goddess... humour rippled beneath the surface.

I am still feeling the richness of the experience pulse through me, wordlessly deep and complex.
— Rachel, London

I came home feeling I had cleared the path of some of my biggest obstacles to freedom and being able to live from the truest part of my being
— Caroline , Dorset,

the mysterious weaving of the goddess has touched everyone connected to me - like darning a worn sock with stronger yarn strengthening its purpose to ensure longevity and perpetuity
— Sandy, Wales

The most powerful thing I’ve ever done in my life!
— Claire, New Zealand

I really respect Anna for her deep integrity which comes from her knowing herself so well. She has explored the depths- she is totally in her truth, so giving and accepting. I dropped into an inner peace and calm and reconnected to nature, letting go of a lifetime’s stullifying judgement and self denial
— Dhanna, Ireland